'Exploring Possibilities to enhance positive Group Structures with a Social-VR-Escape-Room-Experience'

A one-year-project which started in our first semester of my Master for which we, a group of 7 people, wrote a scientific paper as a reference to create the actual game in our second semester. 
It was the most time consuming project we had the 2nd semester, as we:

— finished the paper,
— searched for study participants,
— created 3 kinds of surveys to fill out for them,
— organized the actual days for testing the game,
— exhibited our results with a poster.

The game is a multiplayer VR Escape Room which is set in an unrealistic but humorous timeline in an Egyptian pyramid. 3 to 6 players have to solve 3 levels together, as it would be too difficult for one person.
The players are adventurers finding themselves among some of the famous Egyptian gods in a pyramid who are having a party, but the adventures can only attend if they help with the preparations. And so the game starts...
For detailed informations read through our poster which I made myself and which got accepted by the Conference stated above in Denmark.

The game was made for the Oculus Go with Unity 3D, Blender and many other tools. We also did all of the voice overs by ourselves in a perfect studio.
I was responsible for the whole Sound Design and the intro/outro/tutorial animations.
You can take a look at the small videos I made down below in German.
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