Johnny finds himself without any memories of his former life captured in a small city full of secrets and liars. 
What mysteries lie behind those creatures living together with humans? And will he be able to escape the suffocating madness?
Join Johnny on his bad trip into B-City...
Part 1 of season 3 of 'METADRAGONS!' - the horrific trip of Venom's childhood.
The story is part of a 5-season cyberpunk series with dragons who rule earth mostly disguised as humans. Starting in a 70s horror vibe, the story quickly dives into a futuristic setting, as it's not really 1972, but an alternate world in the year 2072.
As the world is cruel, elements of gore, nudity and mature language are shown, which is why the story is more for a mature audience.
Viewer discretion is advised.
Check out my social media pages to support in the creation of the comic! Unfortunately I had to cancel the long version of City of Liars, because it didn't worked out as planned. But I learned a lot from it and I promise that you won't be disappointed with what's coming next...
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